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Incite: v. to move to action, to stir up, to encourage, to spur on

Incite often carries a negative connotation. It is used in conjunction with riots, to describe rebellions, and is even associated with unlawfulness. But what if a rebellion is exactly what is needed? What if leaving things the way they are isn’t working? What if stirring things up is the best path to change? 

I’m on a journey. We all are. I have discovered that leaving things the way they are often results in being stuck. Challenging tradition, confronting outdated or inadequate concepts, changing course, and finding a new way to do things is hard. Let’s do it together. Let’s stir things up!

Maybe we need to INCITE to gain INSIGHT!

Our Services

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I could use this page to tell you about my experience in mental health, my education and training, my licensure as a professional counselor. But what my years of personal and professional experience have taught me is that the only expert on you is you. I want to work with individuals in a way that empowers; that restores personal power to its rightful place...with each person! So I will join you on your journey, support your process, facilitate your growth but the path to wellness is personal and individual. Let's collaborate.


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